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to be▓ a lot more excitement and attention to them ▓than any other movement or group of ▓Chinese writers who has emerged since the 1980s. So

I adopt more and more of this."The▓ scholar noted that modern Chinese culture "kind of originated with the adoption and translation of Western science fiction into Chinese" and Lu Xun, Lin Shu and many other important Chinese authors of the early▓ 20th century had translated Western science fictio▓n."Now Chinese science fiction is becoming globally influential. I think it's a great phenomenon," he said. "S▓o there's a kind of full circle here."FLAVOR OF TODAY'S CHINAWhen he and professor L▓iu Hongtao from Beijing Normal University were select

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ing the novellas for the▓ir 2016 book "By the River: Seven Contemporary Chinese Novellas," Laughlin said they were looking for▓ works of today

's China that conveyed the fabric of contemporary experience in the thriving economy▓."We wanted to show the flavor of everyday l▓ife in China, without so much drama and vi

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